“Why Are We Disrespecting The President’s Office?”


What goes around they say eventually comes back around

sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences

It was in this same country that a president was stoned by irate youths in bauchi
Then according to the apc the Nigerian people were only showing their dissatisfaction with his reign

A vehicle amongst the presidents entourage was burnt in Niger state, still to the children of anger, it was within the rights of the people to almost have lynched their president.

The president was called
a goat, his coffin was carried around on their campaign ground. He was
labbelled a drunkard, even when everyone close to him testified he
doesn’t touch alcohol.

However, soon after they had created all
of these madness, And when the apc saw what they had done, it was all
good…then they rested..

So it is true? That axeman does not like another swinging an axe over their head, even in play?

So it is true, that every action begets an equal perhaps sometimes opposite reaction?

We warned them, that Nigeria is a peculiar nation, of folks who pleasures in revenge..

This is the only country in the world where Once a trend starts here, it never stops, it only gets worse.

[ ASIDE :-
the first letter bomb went off in this country, one could have sworn
it was impossible for any Nigerian to think up such mischieviously
dangerous evil.. However, Since then, bombing has so matured that we
have began to compete with nations like Syria and Iraq even in suicide

It wasn’t up until a couple of years ago that we came
to accept kidnapping has come to stay.. Then it was only the wealthy and
children of the rich that were kidnapped.. Nowadays even folks plan
their own abduction, to get money off their families.. We’ve become so
good at it that Whole schools have been whisked away,some never to be
heard of again.

Yes, when things go up here, they beat the
very laws of gravity, and never come down.. Don’t argue with me, just
check the prices of good and services.. Remember where they were when
you were a child, and imagine where they will be when your kids grow up
to be adults.

At the point when cutlasses was introduced into
secret cult fights in our higher institutions. Who could have thought
then those kids would grow to pistols and double barrels.. Can you even
guess how many lives that vice has claimed? Can you imagine what they
would be using for their numerous intercultural rivalry ‘in Say’ another
ten years? ]

Back to the matter

we warned them then,
they were setting bad precedence.. Nigeria isn’t a nation to indulge,
we are a people that gets better at bad things same way others gets
better at good. But did they listen? For Wia !

Today they complain of the president being booed…

E ti ri nkan kan. Day just dey break…

a while longer. As the groom, you need not guess whether the bride is
tall or short, light or dark skinned.. My friend, she is going to be
your nemesis for a very long time. So much so that you will in your
sleep be able to tell where the tiniest mole resides in her body.

Na play UNA DEY call am, e no go tey, UNA go soon gree say na meat WEN hard. Dem DEY call Nama

Shege danbroroba


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