See What Prince Osisioma Foundation Used To Celebrate Birthday With Orphans


The billionaire founder of Prince Osisioma Foundation, Dr. Onyeka Eze turned plus one today, 9th January and celebrated his birthday in glamour with friends, family members and children from Nise Motherless Baby homes and Tender Love Community Children Home, Awka Anambra state

He is dedicating this year’s birthday to motherless babies, as he will be joined by friends and family members to visit orphanage homes across Anambra to share gifts, relief materials and donations that will further promote humanity in Nigeria.

In his message, Dr. Onyeka Eze expressed gratitude to God Almighty for the grace he enjoyed over the years. He also threw words of appreciation to a dignified personality in Anambra state, a man he called his mentor and a father, Prince Engr. Arthur Eze.

In his message Prince Onyeka expressed his adorable love for his wife, their four kids, he also appreciated the wonderful impacts of friends, stating that they have been the source of his life’s joy.

Dr Onyeka Eze is an iconic philanthropist, a dedicated agent of change and a lover of humanity. His divine antecedents over the years has placed him in the spotlight of worldwide philanthropy.

His foundation, Prince Osisioma Foundation has carried out several life changing projects on education, social change and empowerment.

Friends and well wishers have sent countless congratulatory messages to Dr. Eze, stating his angelic impacts and divine contributions in their lives.


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