Olawepo-Hashim Condemns Exclusion From Presidential Debate


Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim condemns exclusion from presidential debate

Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim campaign organisation has condemned her exclusion
from the scheduled Presidential Debate by the Nigerian Elections Debate
Group and the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) alleging that
the selection of candidates is biased, anti-democratic and the agenda of
the ruling All Progressives Party (APC)

A statement signed by
the Spokesman of the Presidential Candidate, Mr. Hassan Ibrahim,
stressed that the exclusion is no doubt regrettable because the party
had long indicated interest in participating in the debate.

spokesman said it is their hope that the debating group is not working
in cahoots with the ruling APC to undermine the strides the party is
making with its spread across the country.

The PT, which is
fielding Mr. Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim as its presidential candidate, had
recently emerged top amongst the nearly 28 newly registered political
parties fielding candidates for political positions in the next years’
presidential elections, with 194 persons running on its platform.

PT, which in alliance with other parties is promoting the presidential
candidacy of Mr. Olawepo-Hashim has a total of 194 contestants on its
platform, including 140 for the house of representatives, 52 for the
senate and one apiece for president and vice-president. Following
closely the PT are the JMPP, 182, MPN 176, the ADP, 136, the ZLP, 115,
and the ACD, 106.

Regrettably, the candidates included in the
debate apart from Alhaji Atiku performed woefully in terms of spread, in
comparative terms, in the just concluded nomination exercise. While
Kingsley Moghalu had 70 nominations, Fela Durotoye had 21, and Oby
Ezekwesili had 50. The PT nomination was 194 signifying national spread,
acceptability and effectiveness of political structure.

than this, the weekly Facebook rating of presidential candidates in
Nigeria had recorded that Mr. Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim had made headstart
over others in the data released on Monday, December 10, 2018, in Abuja,
where he recorded Facebook engagements of 28,000, to for instance Atiku
Abubakar who had 24,000+.

President Muhammadu Buhari of the All
Progressive Congress in the scheduled February 16, 2019 poll had
recorded 16,000+ engagements, while Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotoye and
the other presidential candidates were trailing far below with single
digit ratings. “These are incontrovertible data, not the sentiments or
wishful thoughts of individuals. They empirical evidence that can be
easily verified”

The statement regretted that it is surprising
that despite these records, the party is being excluded from the debate,
in what looks like a stage-managed process. “We urge Nigerians not to
be disturbed by this. The PT is working with other political candidates
who are interested in having their voice heard towards the 2019
presidential election, and we shall surely triumph in stopping this

“Why the organisers listed the People’s Democratic
Party (PDP) for purpose of legitimacy in their shortlist for the debate,
the inclusion of the weakest candidates on the platform, or the newest
parties exposes their devious intentions”

According to the party,
Nigeria is internally bleeding because of the many ineptitude of the
All Progressive Congress (APC). What the country is looking forward to
is an honest platform of debate to halt the hemorrhaging, not a forum to
whitewash the problem by mostly a collection of pretenders to the
presidential contest.

The PT called on supporters, concerned
Nigerians and the electorate to take note of the APC shenanigan and
their selected allies that they have been encouraging in the polity to
suck off votes that otherwise will not come to them.

“We urge Nigerians not to be disturbed by this development as genuine people’s debate is in the works where concrete solutions to many problems dealing with Nigeria will be proffered. Our campaign will be part of this new debate with many patriotic candidates who truly want to see a better Nigeria in 2019”


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