4 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel At Night This Yuletide


Driving at night could be very dangerous especially in our country Nigeria where a lot of things are upside down.

do I think traveling at night is dangerous? Relax; I have a twenty feet
container loaded with reasons why you should avoid such night travel
this yuletide.

1. Bad Roads:

Most of the major
roads in the country are not in good shape. With Nigeria being the giant
of Africa, we have passed the level of having dilapidated major roads.
Most of the major roads linking major states have death traps at every
point on the road. This includes water-well sized potholes, untarred
roads and lots more. We unintentionally run into these potholes during
the day time let alone at night.

2. Security reasons:

driving in Nigeria should give you concern when it comes to security in
the country. Most of these major roads are evaded by highway robbers
especially at night when the security agencies meant to be on patrol are
in their hibernation mode. You can even fall victim of being flagged
down by robbers in disguise. They do it so well that you think they are
security agents mounted in a checkpoint.

3. Little or no help if an accident should occur:

one prays for an accident to occur when traveling, but what will be
your fate when the unexpected occurs. There are no much functional
emergency rescue squads around the country that can be of help at such
time of the night. A lot of people driving by at such time will even be
afraid to help out because of their safety.

4. You might get frustrated if your car spoils:

How would you manage the situation if your car eventually gets spoilt on transit? How prepared are you to go about it?

can be very frustrating to have your car spoil at the middle of nowhere
most especially at night. You’re even prone to being attacked by
robbers and hardly will you get a helper; everybody is afraid in the


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